Thursday, May 10, 2012

Awesome-Haul Update #2

Next up, my Julep Maven Introductory box!!! I had a Promo code for this box, so that I only paid, FREE shipping included, One Cent. Yes, you read that right. For ONE PENNY, i.e. $00.01 SHIPPED, I got three new polishes, AND another nail file.

"But Athena, there are only two pictured"

Well yes. I got a dupe of Melissa, who you can view in the previous post.
I gave her to my mother, as my mother's Introductory box did not have Melissa; Even though we both classified as "It Girls".

The wonderful thing about Julep is, you take a short quiz to find your "Style". It's then based on THAT style, that you get "Nail-Mail". They're colours suited to your taste. Literally! And the best part is, if you ever want to switch it up; YOU CAN! You're not locked down. Just ask to switch styles one month, and bam. You're changing up your life. xD

Pictured above is a "Fuchsia". She's bright, she's beautiful, she's Julep's "Helena".
Under her is a VERY bright spring green, with a hint of shimmer. Her name is Julep's "Leah".

I also did a wonderful "French tip" mani using Helena and Melissa; With a water-marbled twist.
[I'll do a separate post one of these days about Water-Marbling. It's amazing, albeit messy. xD]

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