Thursday, May 10, 2012

Awesome-Haul update #1

First update, what on EARTH did I get in my mystery box?!?!?!

It was quite awesome actually. I ended up getting three BEAUTIFUL colours, a quick-dry top coat, a nail file, two chocolate coins, two chocolate eggs, and some cuticle oil [Which honestly, I'd never heard of before. xD]

On the far left, you'll see a nude-dusty-rose colour. That lovely little lady is Julep's "Kelly". She was the first one I put on, because I've never had a nude polish before. I actually currently have her on right now as well!

To her immediate right is Julep's "Melissa"; She's a slightly transparent opalescent white. With 3 coats she's fairly opaque, but just one and she's kind of see-through.

To HER right is a plum-grape purple, Julep's "Gayle". Very rich colour, great for accenting!

Next to Gayle is the Quick-Dry Top-coat; And next to that, still in its box, is the cuticle oil.

All are pictured below in their "official" Julep photos. :)

Overall, after doing the math of what these pretties cost on Julep's website, including the Oil and Topcoat; My Spring Mystery box, for which I paid $19.99 with FREE shipping, was valued at a whopping $80.00!!
Definitely not one of the $200 ones, but I wasn't lacking by any means! 

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