Monday, May 14, 2012


So, before I go and continue updating all the awesome free stuff I've gotten lately [And I just got another one in the mail today! ;D], I'd like to take another break for a moment, and express a dilemma I face. xD

On my 16th birthday; that is August 1st, 2006; I got a Generation 1 iPod Nano. It was my Sweet 16 present, and was brand new, nothing like it had ever existed. And 1G of space was like HOMFG compared to CDs and cassettes.

Later, my middle sister received the Nano as a "Hand-me-down", for HER first ipod. She used it for quite a few years, as I did.

Lo and behold I'm reading Yahoo! News, and a woman's Generation 1 iPod Nano exploded in her hands as she tried to unplug it after a successful charge.

Only a small percentage of Nanos were capable of this; And those that were, qualified for free replacement by apple.

My dilemma is probably obvious.

Should I return it because it's at risk of exploding;
And get one that will not explode.


Should I keep it because it's THE original;
The "heirloom" so to speak, THE gift I received at 16, all shiny and new, and THE first ipod for both myself and my middle sister?

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