Sunday, October 20, 2013

Once more, a product to share!

That's right, BUTT stuff! 8D

I was SO happy to try the newest Cottonelle Clean Care product: Wipes. I LOVE using fresh wipes when using the bathroom, especially [but not limited to] when it's Aunt Flo's visitation week. 

No matter how strong the toilet paper is, it ALWAYS leaves little bits here and there. Bits that get all rolled up and stick to everywhere and get uncomfortable. And half-showering every time you pee just isn't feasible! So wipes are a great way to stay cleaner, and fresher, and more confident that if you go swimming your forgotten friends don't go swimming with you. 

Knowing how much I love Cottonelle brand toilet paper, I was SUPER eager to find out they were offering a sample of their fresh and clean wipes. I was even more surprised to find out I got the awesome dispenser container as well!

The smell is AMAZING. Fresh, but not overpowering and for once not even floral. I hate floral, so this gained so many points. And cleaning power level? OVER 9000. 

Even though I love the product, and my family loves the product, I did find a a slightly negative point. They're EXTREMELY fragile. I tore 3 wipes just trying to pull/press them through the dispenser catch, to start being able to use it. Several times just while pulling one wipe out, the second one will tear when separating it from the one I need; And, often, the one I'm pulling out will tear unless I carefully and slowly pull it from the dispenser.

But once you know you can't just yank like a caveman, these are the perfect addition to your Clean Care Routine!! I will DEFINITELY be buying more of these when I run out... Which will be soon!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Great Giveaway!


I don't blog about many giveaways, but I think this one was worth breaking open the old cobwebs. 

Not only are the prizes AMAZING:

But there are a LOT of them!
If you're a nail artist, professional or amateur, I HIGHLY recommend you enter this giveaway!!!