Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

Well, today is my first true experience with hail. I have to say, I rather enjoyed it. Supposedly the storm that passed over us was to bring quarter sized hail, but most of what we got was pea sized, with some double-size ones thrown in for good measure. There was lightning, as anticipated, but I definitely wouldn't call it "heavy lightning", as the weather station predicted. I would say the storm lessened up over us, but it actually increased intensity just before hitting us, because of how close we are to Lexington. Such a large city produces a lot of heat, which helps fuel a storm's growth; Particularly a spring storm like this one. 

On the note of spring, I should mention the pepper seeds I planted 2 or 3 days ago have already begun to sprout! It's a tiny little shoot, and so far only one has popped up above the soil, but I'm proud nonetheless. Unfortunately, I couldn't leave them in the warm rain we got, because of the hail mentioned above. I'm really excited for these plants to grow. They're the first "food" plant I've ever planted!! The only other plant I've ever raised was supposed to be flowers. But an idiot "maintenance" worker threw my plants, pot and all, into a dumpster; That proceeded to then be filled up with other trash and such. Even though he'd looked at the pot on my windowsill for weeks and weeks, the SECOND it was on the ground, knocked over by neighborhood kids, he threw it in the dumpster. I went dumpster diving for several hours, and finally recovered the plant and pot, but they refused to grow after that. :\

Today is Thursday, and Jonathon had to miss Monday. He was dehydrated pretty heavily, and wasn't feeling well enough to be nearly as productive as necessary to work. Because of missing Monday though, he now gets to work overtime on Saturday, which he is very happy about. Apparently the overtime hours he will work this Saturday will be enough to pay for lot rent! Just that day, $225 or better. That's pretty awesome. He also says he now doesn't need to worry about whether or not he will be able to get his bike up and running in time for Rolling Thunder on May 24th. I'm pretty sure it also means we won't have to buy boxed food for a fair while, so yay for real food! And just in time for the start of his daughter's Spring Break next weekend!

I would have liked to have visited my mom this Saturday, for St. Patrick's Day supper [Corned Beef, Cabbage, and Hash], but I'm a little happier knowing he's getting what he wants, versus us eating with my family again. Getting what he wants takes worries off his shoulders, which makes him happy, which obviously makes ME happy. I'm honestly more excited [And nervous] to have his daughter come over. We go to Indiana on the 24th of this month, to pick her up; And we will be going back up to Indiana on the 1st of April to drop her back off again. Since he has overtime now, that means he works Friday the 23rd, the previous pick-up date for Shayna [His daughter]. Which in turn means my sisters will be out of school [Since it's a Saturday] and will be able to ride up to Indiana with us like they wanted. 

I'm sure I could type more, guys, but I'm on Jonathon's computer and I hate how hard it is to press down his keys. I can't type quickly, and make a million and a half errors, and my fingers get fatigued. Soooo this is it for now! :D

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