Saturday, March 17, 2012

Saturday, March 17th, 2012

Happy Saint Patrick's Day y'all! Today marks the first day of overtime for my beau. 2pm to 10pm isn't so bad though, just 8 hours where a typical work day is 10. And heaven forbid he end up with 12 hour shifts of overtime! I don't know what I'll do with myself when that time comes. 

Today has been fairly good. Not bad, not super duper amazing. I did do my make up briefly, though that was achieved mostly out of boredom, not festivity. But, at least I'm rockin' the green and rainbow! 

I'm super excited for this time next week, as we will be on route to or from Indiana, with my sisters and/or his daughter, depending on which way we're going at the time. 

I tried to cart his things from the house to the shed/shop for him, as I offered to do a few days ago; But upon going out the other day I saw a spider. Me and spiders? No amigos. So I left and went about my business. Today, I took the broom out with me, determined to get in, get his STUFF in, and look for the yarn needle that might/should/could be up in the loft area, and what do I find instead? As soon as I open the door, and latch it open so it won't hit me, a gigantic freakin' wasp comes flying out, and buzzes around the outside like DA FUQ YOO DOIN' MANE?! And I was not wanting to mess with that thing. I hate sting-y bugs. Especially wasps. Those freaks don't die when they sting you, and are more aggressive than bees. Bees will just be like "Hey man back off now! Oh, you're holding still? You must not want to kill my hive... Okay, you coo." Wasps are like "I'MA STING YOU! BACK UP! OH YOU'RE BACKING UP? I'M STILL GONNA GET YA!" /shudder/
But I digress. This para isn't meant to ascertain my insect-ual issues, it's about what happened today. 
After the wasp, I backed up a good 3 feet from the shed, and as I did so I saw at LEAST 7 spiders crawl from the opening of the door, to the outside of the shed. All I could think was "Holy sheet. If that many came OUT, how many stayed IN?!". Watching for the return of the wasp, and seeing a break, I took a shot and used the broom handle to unlatch the shed door and push it in. Stepping back a few feet again and looking around for Mr. Waspy I quickly turned the handle and locked it, stepping as far away as I could. I get to the side of the house, and VOILA. Big. Freakin'. Bee. An angry looking one at that. He was bigger than the cute fuzzy bumble bees, and had a mean looking rump. And he was huge. Did I mention his girth? BIG. BUG. WITHASTINGER. Anyway, he was buzzing around the corner of the house, so I eyed up his movements and made a dash for the door. As I did so? Mr. Wasp showed up. Faster than LIGHTNING I was, I tell ya. Shut the door, checked for air pockets, and settled down for an INDOOR day. I even texted my beau and explained I was sorry, but SOOO not messing with the shed. Apparently he didn't clear out ALL the nests when we got the shed delivered, and this warm air has hatched whatever eggs were there. Worse? The shed is insulated now, so any wasps IN it can't get out until the door is opened. D:

But, other than that, my day was pretty mundane. I haven't even cleaned anything, or gotten a grocery list together, which is unlike me.

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