Thursday, September 29, 2011

September 29th, 2011

A day of no rest, really. I snagged a couple of hours of sleep right up until around 1:00am-1:30am this morning, at which point I went down to the front lobby. [I've been staying in a motel since Early July of this year]
I had every intention of not staying long, simply saying hello and being back on my merry way to dreamland. The only real reason I went downstairs was because I had the most strange dream, which involved death of something living; Then awoke to a missed call from my dad, who is on the road trucking, and a voicemail from him that would have been the most awful "final message" if anything had happened to him while I was sleeping away. So, positive my Desk-Clerk friend Shaina could help alleviate some of the anxiety I was having and keep me from breaking down again, I went downstairs.
Needless to say, Shaina being Shaina, and me being me, we talked. A lot. I had a brief interlude while she was talking to the guy "Castle", when I used the excuse of having to pee [I really DID, though my main reason for taking a moment away was to check my facebook... Shameless, I know.] to return to my room for about 10 minutes. During that time I used the bathroom, cooked some ramen as I was practically starved this morning, and checked my facebook. I took my ramen back downstairs, and there I stayed until roughly quarter 'til 7:00am.
I came upstairs and laid down, positive I could sneak in at least two hours of sleep before the inevitable knock of housekeeping.
No such luck, of course. Around 8:00am I got a call from TK at the front desk saying he had talked to his manager and was told I had until 4:00pm to pay or I had to check out, and that I owed for 3 nights. Frantically, I texted my dad to see if he had a load yet or not. He finally texted back a while later and said he had one at 1:00pm, and that he would call me when he picked it up. Of course, I got no sleep after that. No amount of meditation, or mind-chasing got rid of the anxiety. So I sat online a while, relaxing until I thought housekeeping would arrive. Knock on my door around 11:00am-ish, and it's housekeeping. Asking if I was checking out today, and I said no [I had no intention of doing so, anyway] as I usually did. She then asked if I needed my floor mopped and such, and I said yes. Changing my one set of bedsheets, and sweeping/mopping is all I let her do. I loathe letting her in anyway, as she does a horrendous job on what she does clean, and her son makes my bed and room smell like BO when he changes my sheets. I mean, I have OCD and Anxiety man. I can't be having people coming all up in my room and touching stuff, and making it stink!!
Anyway. It was around 2:00pm probably when Sam, my favourite friend/waitress at Waffle House, called me and asked if I wanted to hang out. I asked if she meant in my room, thinking of how tethered I was to the room until I heard from my dad, and luckily she said yes. So we hung out in my room. Talked a bit, played with my cats, you know. Other Sam-and-I stuff. While she was here, we listened to some mind-blowing dubstep and D&B Beatbox, and my dad finally called. Close to 3:00pm-ish.
She had to leave a while later, so I walked over to Waffle House with her and waited until her Grandmother showed up. As Sam left with her box of deer meat, I went to the motel lobby and got my key card fixed by Claudia, telling her I just needed it long enough to carry all my things from in the motel room downstairs and outside into the camper.
She didn't like it, but at this point there isn't much we can do about it.
We don't have the money, and aren't all that likely to get the money before the 11:00am tomorrow morning deadline the manager, Himanshu, has given us.
Anyway, that's the gist of it I believe.
Life is once again spiraling out of my control, and there isn't a thing I can do about it until I strike a lucky break. And as involved as this entry was? You best believe it hasn't even touched on what I'm feeling.
This was just a day in my Life... Timeline-style.

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