Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pixi brand 'Flawless beauty primer'

Hello again ladies! I got another Target Beauty Bag today, and it had some fun stuff in it. Not quite as fun as the others have been, but hey! It's useful at least, and free, and the bag is VERY fashionable ;D

However, I'm disappointed in the one product I HAVE tried so far. I tried the Pixi 'Flawless beauty primer', and I don't know what the kind lady on the back of the card is talking about.

Petra, Mum & Makeup Artist says:
"This is my ultimate youthful bloom in a bottle and my new "How did I survive without?" product. If I could replicate what my skin tone and texture looked like in my 20's - this is as close as it gets! It really events out skintone (totally need that) which makes anything you put on after look even better. The added benefit is that after wear, it actually improves my complexion. What's not to love?!"

I have to disagree with Ms. Petra. My skin tone is NOT even, and I even added more and more of the sample, thinking maybe I just hadn't used enough. Before I knew it, I'd put the whole sample on my face and neck and chest [There was a LOT of it], and nothing looked different. The ONLY difference I've noticed is that my face feels slimy, and anytime I touch it I get some sparkly shiny stuff all over me. I literally just feel greasy in this; Even before I'd put the whole sample on. I just didn't notice a difference. My makeup didn't look any different, my skin doesn't FEEL or look any more even, I can't get the smell of sun-block away from my poor little nose; I just all around can't find a plus side to this. I've literally NEVER used a primer that was WORSE than this is. Which is disappointing, because Pixi was so full of promise.

Oh well, better luck next time ladies! :\

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