Monday, October 15, 2012

Well hello everyone! I know, long time no see. A few entries back, I started explaining all the new polish I got from the lovely ladies [And Gents I'm sure! ;D] at Julep. Well, not only has it far surpassed my ability to back-track and tell you all one by one what I've gotten, but I'm also too excited!

For October's boxes, the theme was "Bewitched", and a more suiting name could not possibly have been found. First, we were shown four different crackles, each named after a witch. See if you can place them all based on the colour and the witch's personality! ;D

Let's see how you did!
Far left, is a rich black crackle. Black as the heart of Ursula!
Next to her, is a shimmery sparkly silver. As happy and sparkly as Glenda!
To her right, of an equally good nature and white as the bird of her companion stands: Hermione!
And finally, on the far right, is the most Halloween-y witch of all: Sabrina!

Well? Did you get them all? I know I did! ;D
Bought them, that is.

I know, I know, you want to know what else came WITH these ladies, right? Okay, I'll be nice and I won't keep you waiting.

I know, the image seems small. But that's okay, you'll just have to go on over to Julep and look these beauties up now won't you!

From Left to Right, here are the ladies in the set:
Pale-Clear pink: Gwyneth
Black Crackle: Ursula
Stone/Mushroom Grey: Lisa
Deep Navy Blue: Eloise
Orange Crackle: Sabrina
White Crackle: Hermione
Rust-Orange: Boris & Nicole
Silver Crackle: Glenda
Deep Maroon: Keira
Rich Blood-Red: Caroline
Black with charcoal flecks: Leslie
And our bonus was Julep Quick dry drops!

Needless to say, I bought the whole collection, as well as the glow-in-the-dark add-on, Sofia.

We also got some awesome goodies in our boxes! Candy corn, which the Beau, Alien, got, and glitter pots! Mine were Silver and White, but there were tons of colours given out! Here's my box as I opened it.

Now, the REALLY fun part, is this purchase LITERALLY doubled my Julep collection! Take a look at the bad boy I've amassed!

I'm still as in love with Julep as ever, and if you've still not signed up here's some information you might be interested in! At the bottom of this post, you'll see how to sign up if you want to!

  • First, Julep is a "4-free" company, meaning all products are TOXIN FREE. Good for your nails, good for the environment. 
  • Second, portions of EVERY purchase go towards foundations for women! Be it breast health, or brain health, if it's for women Julep cares!
  • Third, as a Maven, you get free shipping: Always.
  • And finally, you can cancel ANYTIME. If you don't want to completely cancel your membership [It IS an automatic monthly service], during the 4 day period between the 20th and the 24th when you can preview the coming month's boxes, you can skip that month! Whether it be because there's not room in the budget that month for the boxes, or you're too busy to paint your nails, or you just don't like the colours, it's okay! If you find Julep isn't for you, just give Customer Service a call, and they'll cancel your membership right away. 
How does that sound? From my experience, as you can tell, I LOVE it. I've referred 6 ladies to Julep: And they are ALL still members!!
If you want to join, click the following image, and if you use the code: COLOR2012 you can get your first box FOR ONE PENNY! And don't forget, shipping is free! ;D


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