Monday, January 14, 2013

And, hello once again my pretties. Haven't had a whole lot of new products or freebies or anything like that to inspire me into a blogging frenzy, and I honestly haven't even been painting my nails in the past couple of months [I know, gasp!]. But, I figured I had better update my cute little followers on some news that makes me happy at least, and maybe give a few ideas to you all as well!

First of all, my Alien and I have been bizzz-zeeeee! I will be the first to admit of course he did most of the work, but let's face it. I'm entirely too much of a klutz to be trusted with sharp pointy objects rotating at high speeds. :U Surely you can understand.

But, we finally did what we've been saying for at least 6 months that we were going to do. We hacked our "kitchen table" in half. The people that built this house apparently decided this monster of a table was a good idea. It went from the only wall in the kitchen all the way up to the living room. It was literally preventing most of our furniture from fitting in a way that we could still access the only route to the main bathroom, and our bedroom, and even the laundry room! So, we [And by we I mean my Alien] cut it. Not quite half, a bit more than that was gone; But because of certain supports and such we actually ended up widening the bit of table that would be left from where we originally wanted it. We just wanted a "dinner for two" table, not... dinner for a hoard of vikings.

The table during cutting
Before excess removal
After excess removal

As you can see, removing even what little we did gave us a whole lot of free space to work with. Not to mention, now we can't pile a bunch of crap on the table and never clean it off!

Once we got the table all cut up and moved the center support to the edge of the new table, we realized that the lip that was on the table wouldn't adhere to the new edge because the warping would pull out any nails we put IN. So, we're either going to get some new cheap molding as a place holder, or we're just going to rebuild the whole table. We haven't decided yet.

After all of the sawdust and debris was removed [Yayyy for my hand in helping!!], it was time to move on to hugely delayed project number 2. The Office room. Until this point, we've added a book case and nothing else to really call it our office. We haven't built the bookshelf wall we want, we hadn't built our computer desk, we hadn't really done a whole lot of anything. But, first step was to make a wall. Since we don't have the cash this weekend to buy the bookshelves we want for the wall creation [Those pictures come later! ;D], we killed two birds with one stone. We wanted more living room space, we needed a space blocker in the office, BAM. Leather loveseat the cats have mauled was given a new home. Also in need of a permanent home was Mr. Plant [My beau named him ;D] the pine we impulse-bought at Lowe's two weeks ago. Mark that with the living room again and voila. The couch we switched over to the wall by the front door took the space the small end table had, so that filled the space in the Office next to the love seat. Quite well I might add; And, it gave quite a perfect home for Mr. Plant!

Alien cutting blocks to stabilize the new computer desk in the Office
The above picture isn't as detailed, I may attach better ones down below. But it shows him once more hard at work, and other than errand-running occasionally or pressing on a part he couldn't press and cut, me doing little more than dancing to Sir Mix a Lot and doing the Humpty Dance. It's a thing, and it's awesome. Don't judge! ;P

Just about finished! All that was added other than further support, was the "baseboard" running against the wall on top of the new desk.
Once more re-purposing, this was our old bedroom closet door. We hated that we had this huge closet that went the width of the room [at least 10 feet], but there was a tiny door less than two feet wide that gave access to it. And clearance? Pffft! Unless you slid against the wall and shoved the clothes backward precariously on the verge of falling off the hanger rails, you couldn't access more than the ~1-2 feet you could from through the door. And, there was no lighting in there at all to boot. So, we [Again, we pretty much means me laying on the bed watching him work xD] took out the whole closet wall. We [As in me] saw the door without the handle and thought "Hey, this is a perfect desk! Couple of legs or something, and the door handle space makes a perfect cubby to drop wires through!"

And so we have. Finally. I swear we thought of this like, LAST February. At least. Either way, YAYYYY for recycling things you come across in your own home to begin with! And it's sturdy as steel, he pressed all his weight on it and it didn't do more than flex a bit. But, given the "door" is hollow... that's not surprising!

I'll throw you a bone. Here's our "wall"!
Once he cleared the way, it was time for me to set up my "office space" so I could sit down and focus on getting the Spring planting down on the two new calendars I had him buy for us [By us I mean me this time]. Our goal is to have our back deck and greenhouse built and supplied by March 10 to get our veggies planted! I'll of course update you all once we start that. We're more or less just waiting on the weather! But, here's a before and during/after of me doing the cross-calendaring.

As you can see, it's all well and good until I get my hands in it. XD But, it was very nice to have a real desk, and lamp, to work with. With my hulk of a computer [I still have an old Dell complete with ball mouse and tube monitor that schizophrenically turns blue or yellow sometimes], I didn't have room even for the small calendar, let alone the big one! But, it's allll donnnne! Feels good man!

Unfortunately, I couldn't put those pictures side by side at the larger size. Blogger is being a total butt to me right now with these pictures, sorry guys! But, these show the whole living room now that there is a HUGE amount of space in it!

And finally in this little section, meet the full view! You can barely see the office, the kitchen table, AND the living room!

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